The company "G. Passantino "was founded in 1915 when the owner was Vincent Passantino father of the current owner Gaetana Passantino.
Ours is a company with years of experience in sottore removals and transport.
We deal with both domestic and international removals, for homes, offices and public and private companies.
We also specialize in the transportation of all types of pianos and safes of various sizes and weights, the transport of works of art with vans with air suspension and temperature control.
In our company you will find highly qualified and carefully selected by our staff who work with Human Resources.
Our staff specializes in packing, dismantling and reassembling of your pieces of furniture that should always be treated with great care and delicacy.
Our company also has the option do offer the service of storage of furniture with insurance, as we possess of the large warehouses in which you can store and take care with the furniture that you give us in foster care.
In addition, among our services, you will also have: porterage, transport of works of art, correspondence around the world and hire of ladders that reach up to the fourteenth floor.
We, too, with services articulated vehicles.
G. Passantino The company is known throughout the world, thanks to the way we work with the utmost seriousness and also because since the day she was born has always offered services guaranteed one hundred percent and, finally, the service is also available turnkey.